About Author



     I always wanted to be a teacher, to share not only what was in books, but also my storehouse of knowledge and learning lessons in life that would support the choices of young people, as they march down the path of adulthood.  I was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and after attending the University of Arkansas, I moved to New York City where my interest lured me to ancient history and art after my first visit to the Metropolitan Museum.  Many opportunities allowed me to travel to ancient sites.  I moved to Miami Beach, Florida in 1984 and sold luxury real estate.

     After attending several family reunions, I realized how important it was for our future generations to remember who their ancestors were.  This inspired me to recently publish my family history and lead me to write my first book, "Dalton's Dream" in hopes that, with each turn of the page, young adult readers will have a better appreciation for their parents and teachers, as well as, having an appreciation living in the twenty-first century and never forget the sacrifices their ancestors made for them.

     My second book, "Clark The Shark" is about "bullying" for pre-school children to learn about anger and accepting other children who are different than they are before they enter into an advance school environment.

     I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I recently retired from real estate and enjoying my bucket list, which writing children's books was high on the list.

     I enjoy travelling, sculpting, ballroom dancing and writing children's books.

Paula Jones